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We believe that online research can powerfully unlock consumer truth. All our surveys are individually designed to suit each client's needs. We think creatively about how to keep people engaged in answering our surveys right until the end. From our experience of qualitative research, where we encourage people to play in order to reveal their feelings, we have devised surveys that feel more like games.

Respondents engage with every question and consider each answer carefully because they are enjoying the experience.

Below are a few styles we have used in previous surveys. Please select a question style or try a full demo survey.

A selection of questions from our demo survey

Drag & Drop example 1
Drag and Drop eg. 1
Drag & Drop example 2
Drag and drop eg. 2
Slider example
Check Words & Phrases
Check words and phrases
My World
My world example
Drag & Drop with Columnsdrag and drop with columns Selection
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