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Rob Ellis

Rob has worked extensively in both classic research and advertising. He trained at The British Market Research Bureau, then worked at DDB, Aspect and WCRS, where he was appointed board director responsible for international planning. Rob co-founded Navigator, where he was MD of the fastest growing research company in the UK. He set up Prism in 2000 as a company that could use the opportunities of online, and combine them with new insight into how consumers thought and felt. Rob is a member of ESOMAR, MRS and APG.

Philip Wilson

Philip has a background in advertising and research, working mainly on implicit and communications projects. He is on the board of Cog Research. Philip formerly worked with 2CV and Saatchi & Saatchi. He has wide experience of commercial and communications research and has now started working with the COI through our sister company Duckfoot which he founded.

Michelle Lloyd

Michelle started her research career at Vox Pops International and ?What If! specialising in NPD and branding research. She worked at Navigator on commercial and public sector projects. In 2001 Michelle set up Solutions. Many projects include work with government agencies, children and the hard to reach.

Dr Ali Goode

Ali is a psycholgist who has been working in the area of Behavioural Economics for 20 years with a specific interest in implicit memory and learning. His PhD researched the application of techniques used in the study of the implicit mind to advertising. He has won awards and been published in both the commercial and academic world and is a regular contributor to conferences. He received an MRS Silver Medal for his paper on the role of implicit ad memory.

Pat Wade

Pat is at the heart of our survey build and analysis. She has extensive experience of questionnaire development, online implementation. Pat is in charge of quality and meeting timelines. Before joining Prism, she worked in marketing and customer relations for a large retail company in South Africa. Pat is an affiliate member of the MRS.

Jacob Masters

Jacob is our technical consultant and has helped us develop both the software and the graphic interface that makes our surveys so satisfying to complete. Jacob has worked with Prism for 9 years during which time he won the New Media Age entertainment website of the year award for Ministry of Sound.

Mark Katz

Mark is our data analysis specialist. He has designed custom software that allows for quick and reliable interpretation of survey results. His software is also used by our partners in Synergy Research.

Mair Ellis

Mair is our creative director, giving guidance on presentation and online engagement. She worked in advertising for Saatchi & Saatchi in London and Bates in New York. Mair originally trained in photography and now works as a garden designer, with her business Helios Gardens. Her conceptual garden, Plant Spa, won a silver medal at the RHS Hampton Court show.

Who we are

Rob Ellis heads the Prism team which includes moderators, award-winning academics and web developers, expert analysts and interviewers. Prism also works with a network of independent research agencies: Synergy Research in the UK and IQ Research internationally.


Our team’s experience covers both designing and conducting research. We have worked in major advertising agencies, research businesses and as consultants to hundreds of leading brands.
We understand the pressures on clients and the barriers to good consumer insight. We believe that the mastery of techniques this experience affords is vital — it gives us confidence to offer advice and guidance.


We believe that innovative approaches to questioning, whether in a new medium such as the web, or using a new technique in a group, are vital to generating fresh understanding of consumers and thus generating competitive advantage.
Our experience is not just in research; our team includes ‘creatives’ as well. Creativity in questioning — and in answering questions — is at the heart of our company.


Knowing consumers’ opinions is only useful if we understand how consumers form their thoughts and feelings and how they go about making choices.
In order to give our clients advantage, we need to know as much as we can about how the mind works. Neuroscience has achieved huge breakthroughs in the last 10 years and research practice needs to follow that new learning. The big challenge for market research is how to measure feelings and unconscious attitudes; our implicit research addresses this challenge intelligently and creatively.